Building Business Value

Whether your exit plan is in the near future or years away, one of your main goals as a business owner should be to not just provide more value to your customers or clients, but to increase the value of your business along the way.

When you put focus toward increasing the value of your business, you’re increasing the likelihood of creating significant financial and personal reward upon your exit or succession out of the business.

Why Value Builder?

After analyzing over 40,000 businesses, the average Value Builder Score is 59 out of a possible 100. If we look at the acquisition offers these businesses have received, the average offer is 3.5 times pre-tax profit.

The Value Builder users who have improved their score to 90 or greater – by following the system – are receiving offers of 7.1 times pre-tax profit on average


Get the Value You Want

Be proactive and get the greatest value possible for your business when it’s time for exit or succession.

Leave Your Legacy

Be sure you’re leaving your business in a great position through careful consideration and preparation.

Set Yourself Up for the Future

Have the freedom you want and know you’ll have the resources needed to cover your lifestyle expenses.


Building the value of your company gives you an outstanding advantage in the game of life. You can choose to sell if you get an outrageous offer or sleep well at night knowing you could sell.

The ultimate test for any valuable company runs without you, which means if you can create a business that’s built to sell, you also have the option to hold on to it without the stress of running your company day-to-day.

Value Builder Multiplier Graphic
Value Builder Multiplier Graphic


In working with one of our expert Certified Value Builder™ Advisors at The Greenhouse, we’ll take you through a proven 12-step process to improve the 8 key drivers that ultimately determine the valuation and sellability of your company.

 In working with one of our expert Certified Value Builder™ Advisors, we’ll take you through a proven 12-step process in which you’ll focus on improving the 8 key drivers that ultimately determine the valuation and sellability of your company.

Value Builder Multiplier Graphic





At The Greenhouse, we’re dedicated to supporting your business journey, whether through personalized 1:1 coaching, the collaborative environment of group sessions, or the flexible, self-directed approach of our self-service option. Each path is designed to empower your business’s growth in today’s competitive landscape.

In a 1:1 setting, you receive personalized coaching that is specifically tailored to your business’s unique needs. This approach allows for deep dives into your specific challenges, offering customized strategies to accelerate your progress toward your goals in a confidential setting.

Group coaching brings together the collective wisdom of fellow business owners, providing a dynamic learning environment. This setting not only offers access to a coach’s expertise but also fosters peer-to-peer learning and support, enriching your journey with diverse insights and strategies.

The self-service option offers flexibility and control, allowing you to engage with the coaching material at your own pace. Ideal for the busy entrepreneur, this format ensures continuous growth by providing access to a comprehensive suite of resources and tools, tailored to fit around your schedule

The number of businesses that have trusted the Value Builder system to increase the overall value of their organization

Business owners who work with a Certified Value Builder Advisor increase the value of their company by up to 35% in the first 8 months.

The Value Builder score achieved where a business receives offers more than double the average business.

The number of modules you're coached through that are proven to increase your scores in the 8 Key Drivers that contribute most toward business valuation.

The average multiplier of pre-tax profit that is offered once a business hits a Value Builder Score of 90 or more.

Percentage of owners not using the Value Builder System who regret the decision to sell one year after exit.


Patrick Metzger

Patrick Metzger

Certified Value Builder Advisor


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