It’s the buzzword you hear everywhere in business right now.

Everyone wants to talk about it. People want to brag about how awesome theirs is. Others are trying to find the silver bullet to create it because they don’t have a good one.

We see plenty of business owners and leaders dropping tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars on trying to make their workplace more fun or adding all these perks that they believe will enhance the culture of their workplace.

In reality, many organizations go about culture the wrong way, when it really starts with being able to answer two very simple questions that employees are constantly wondering.

Once you’re able to provide the answers to these questions and keep your people updated regarding them, you’ll have greater buy-in, increased accountability and enhanced productivity and efficiency from your employee base. Not to mention, better retention, which is infinitely valuable nowadays.

Here are the 2 questions…


No matter what decisions are being made within your organization, people want to know the big WHY behind it. As a leader, when you’re transparent in informing your people about what you’re doing and the reasons behind it, you’ll immediately create greater clarity for them. Because of that clarity, you’ll have a more engaged employee when they understand things more fully and see the big picture and end in mind.

Whether it’s goals, revenue, metrics, strategy or otherwise, take the time to create clarity around why you’re doing it and the importance behind doing so. Your people will appreciate it.

Now, that doesn’t mean necessarily that they will agree with everything you’re saying, but it does allow a great opportunity for you to explain in depth and to at the very least get their respect and get them on board with the plan or change.

What’s In It For Me?

Believe it or not, deep down, almost everyone lives in their own selfish world of self-preservation and survival. With that, everyone is concerned about how changes and decisions in the business personally affect them.

Take the time to have your leaders and managers sit with their direct reports and explain how decisions or shifts in direction will potentially affect them. They will appreciate the individualized attention and empathetic approach that shows you truly care about them and their specific role. This leads to greater buy-in from employees, as well as a greater sense of connection to the bigger goals, vision and plan.


Don’t over complicate what it takes to start creating a great culture. Be a transparent and authentic leader that takes the time to explain things and connect each individual’s purpose to the overall organizational purpose, vision and goals.

Before you know it, you’ll have a stronger culture and an employee base that has a stronger sense of what is happening within the company, as well as a stronger purpose and understanding of what they can specifically do to help the organization accomplish its vision.


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