Scott Hennen and I sat down together on the What’s On Your Mind Show on AM1100 The Flag on December 31, 2020, to walk through the free 90-Minute Meeting consultation we provide to businesses interested in elevating their organization and to discuss the importance of providing value first.

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Interview Script

S: Patrick Metzger is here, and Patrick is a speaker. He’s a podcast host. Does a great podcast here – treasure trove of information. He’s a Professional EOS Implementer. If you don’t know what EOS is, you should know or find out, and we’re going to talk a little bit about 2021 and, I guess, getting it right in business is how I’d say it. And how do you get it right?

What is in business, Patrick, the most important thing?

P: Oh man, I would say know your why and you better have a plan. Two biggest things, by far.

S: Know you why and have a plan? What role does values play in that? Like, if I were to list everything important, where would values be on the list?

P: Values is absolutely number one, and it’s right in tandem with your big why. You know, every business better know your big why and what’s important to you, but every decision that you make within your business should absolutely be revolving around your values.

You know, when I work with companies, I say every decision and everything you do should run through your values filter of your organization first. You know, so values are huge, and one of my big values is value first as a Professional EOS Implementer.

S: Meaning? What does value first mean?

P: It means when I come in and work with companies, and even before I work with companies as an EOS Implementer, I am all about providing value first.

S: I don’t want you to pay me a penny. I want to show you the value I can bring to your business. Is that what you’re saying?

P: Exactly. The first step in any business looking at EOS and what it really has to offer your business is I come in and offer what we call the 90-Minute Meeting with businesses. So I come in, and it’s completely free.

S: I hate meetings, just so you know, and a ninety minute meeting, I would rather actually say Dr. Jeff, could I have a couple of root canals rather than sit in a ninety minute meeting? So tell me how the 90-Minute Meeting brings the value. What do I get? I would assume I gotta prepare for it. I have to get my people prepared for it, my key management team. Let’s do this right, Patrick’s a pro and is coming in. Let’s come in with an open mind. Let’s make this fun. We’ll order in pizza, whatever, but let’s learn and let’s listen.

P: So it’s called a 90-Minute Meeting, but it’s really much more of an in-depth consultation and really more of a teaching and training than anything.

S: So, it’s coaching? I like to be coached!

P: It is!

S: It’s learning!

P: It’s not just, so you know, a lot of consultants come in and pitch you. This isn’t a pitch. It consists of four parts. I introduce myself, I introduce EOS and what it all entails. The second part is we do a really detailed client profile intake. This is probably the most valuable piece of this 90-Minute Meeting. I come in and we get the leadership team around a table, and I start asking really super calibrated questions to start ripping everything apart, in a good way!

We start analyzing what’s going well in your business, what are you struggling with, what are the biggest obstacles? Where is your team when it comes to alignment around vision, where are you as far as accountability and meeting structure?

And I’ve never done one of these without multiple things coming out within that meeting where team members, CEO’s, owners, whatever it may be, are starting to look around the table going Well, I never knew that?

S: Why didn’t we think of that? Gosh, you got my juices flowing. I want to go do these things.

P: And it’s not ideas from me, it’s them…

S: You’re pulling it out of them…

P: I’m extracting it…

S: It’s the process, right? You’re extracting through your process, you’re pulling the genius out of them?

P: Yes! And they’re all looking at each other going I had no idea that was your plan? I didn’t know that was your vision? I didn’t know that’s the route we were going to go? So, it’s really, really amazing when you look at businesses of how they are not on the same page on their leadership teams.

S: And it’s literally as easy as me calling you, going to your website, saying I want to do this. Let’s schedule a ninety-minute team meeting. When does it work for you? I’ll get our team ready.

And it costs you nothing?!

P: It costs you nothing. I come in for ninety minutes, we start ripping everything apart. We go over tools you can immediately start implementing right away.

S: If I said, so in other words there’s takeaway for the free, but you could do without you. You’re going to do them better with you. So if you come in for ninety minutes and you dazzle me and the room goes around we all tell the others things we didn’t even know was our vision and now we get the value of hey, now we get a guy here implementing that for us, getting the team on board, every single employee, from janitor to CEO, what is the range? That’s gonna cost you X amount a year vs Y a year. What, if I decided to say Yes after the ninety minutes, what does that investment look like on the bottom line?

P: It’s an investment. Over the course of two years it’s going to be about $50K for a business.

S: But that’s 25 grand a year. That’s less than most employees are going to make on an annual basis, so maybe you’re just careful about your hiring, and you’re really just hiring another person anyway.

P: You are. I had a business owner a couple weeks ago say You know, Patrick and we was kind of laughing about it you’re almost kind of like a part-time employee for how much we pay you. And I looked right at him and said Is it worth it to have a part-time employee that will absolutely collaborate everything going on in your business and get you on the right track from here forward? And he looked right at me and he goes and came to the realization like Yeah, it’s probably a steal!

S: Exactly. How do they get the consultation?

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