Preston Braathen

Director of Strategic Partnerships & Advisor/Coach

Preston Braathen is at his best when he is helping others achieve their goals. He was born in Fargo, ND, and attended High School in Maple Grove, MN. After attending The University of North Dakota and attaining a bachelor’s degree in business management, Preston spent ten years in the banking Industry before transitioning into his current role with The Greenhouse in 2022.

Preston finds joy in the breakthroughs of others. Many of the trainings, education and skills he has developed, are directly focused on helping others that want to help themselves. Preston has a strong focus on the community aspect of The Greenhouse as he is a proponent of helping others through common experiences and discovering new ones. His favorite quote says it all: If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Preston has assisted in growing businesses in the Midwest and will continue to do so through his new learnings. As a Certified Value Builder Advisor™ and a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP and MER, he assists businesses and people with finding their next stage that is hidden in plain sight.


  • Certified Value Builder Advisor™
  • Certified Master Practitioner of NLP and MER
  • Executive Coaching
  • Exit/Succession

Service Area:

  • National
  • Virtual Options Also

My Big WHY:

My passion is making sure people know they can have whatever they want, as long as they are willing to do the work to get there. I want business and people to achieve everything they want, but one must realize they are the constant in their own story.

Preston facilitated an NLP breakthrough session for me and I am very pleased with the results. He has a rare balance of compassion and timeliness. I highly recommend him if you want to get quick results that are deep and long lasting.

Dustan Drake

In having a high performance mindset, one of my biggest struggles has always been looking to the horizon and never being content in the present. After my breakthrough session with Preston, I’m still just as driven and focused on achievement, but I now find so much more fulfillment and joy with where I am now. Truly amazing!

Patrick Metzger

CEO at The Greenhouse