Ever wonder why your workflows, efficiencies and team member fulfillment is a struggle within your company

It’s because you haven’t clearly identified the geniuses you have within your team and organization, as well as how to fully maximize them.

Join me September 16th at the ND SHRM State Conference at the Alerus Center in Grand Forks as we dive into The 6 Types of Working Genius.

Key Objectives:

✅ Provide valuable insight into personal strengths and the types of work that bring joy and fulfillment to your employees, significantly boosting individual and team productivity.

✅ More effectively assemble teams with a diverse mix of skills and strengths that is crucial for tackling organizational challenges, idea generation and execution.

✅ Optimize meeting and workflow effectiveness and productivity.

✅ Enhance overall team functionality, morale, connection and engagement.

✅ Dial in your training and development opportunities in alignment with employee strengths.

✅ Foster a more positive and inclusive work environment where all team members feel valued, understood and appreciated.

✅ Ensure that new employees are well-suited to the roles they are being considered for based on their innate strengths and working styles​.

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