Photo of Mike MaanumThe Greenhouse Partner

Mike Maanum

Fractional VP of Sales

With over 20 years of experience as a National Sales Manager and VP of Sales for startups to Fortune 500 companies, Mike Maanum is a seasoned sales expert. As a veteran sales leader, he helps companies by building sales systems, strategies, processes and accountability within organizations to create record-breaking growth.

Having sales and leadership experience in a variety of industries, Mike has the insight to work within a wide array of company cultures where diplomacy, leadership and clear communication skills are needed to build winning sales strategies, world-class sales processes and high-performance sales teams and individuals that are highly effective in their execution.


  • Fractional VP of Sales
  • Sales Training and Leadership
  • Experience with Companies Running on EOS®

Service Area:

  • National

My Big WHY:

It’s all about helping others grow for me. When I’m able to step into a company and help give others their time back to work on other parts of the business while helping provide the team needed direction and leadership, I’m able to help provide the growth your company deserves.

In working with Mike the last year, I found someone who has turned into a trusted confidant. Mike is always willing to listen and provide insights by pulling from his work experiences. In working with Mike, it was always like he was one of the team and looked out for our organization as if it was his own.

Curtis Cullison

TruNorth Dynamics