Welcome to The Greenhouse Team, James!


We recently had the pleasure of welcoming our very first Partner & Director of Strategic Growth, Dr. James Leiman, to our growing team. Within his role, he will be working to grow The Greenhouse as well as our clients into the next stage and beyond!


How We Met

Patrick and James were first introduced to each other through a group project on AI. They quickly discovered their commonalities when it came to professional goals and their drives for success.


How and when were you first introduced to The Greenhouse?

I was introduced several months ago as Patrick and I worked an AI project together. I’ve also consulted several companies that were clients of The Greenhouse. Many of those clients having achieved double digit returns. 


What sets our company apart from others in the industry and makes it the perfect fit for you? 

This company is geared toward helping industry achieve its very best! What I like about it is that a group of consummate professionals are dedicated to growing companies, optimizing their value, and helping clients work through difficult challenges. This is a perfect fit as nothing excites me more than helping professionals and organizations meet and exceed their goals and capacity.


How do The Greenhouse’s mission and values align with your own professional goals and aspirations?

After recruiting tens of billions of dollars in projects to the State of ND, I realized the region could leverage its strengths to grow existing companies. The Greenhouse is dedicated to the Upper Midwest and focuses on intrinsic growth opportunities for companies that can expand.


What aspects of our coaching methodology or approach resonated with you and made you the most excited to join our team?

After consulting several colleagues in industry, I came to the conclusion that the services offered by The Greenhouse are effective, cogent, and realize solid results for clients across sectors. High rates of success excite me!


James’ Role Within The Greenhouse

James is a go-getter! He will be working hand-in-hand with our team internally, as well as with our clients externally.


How do you see yourself contributing to the growth and success of our business coaching company, based on your skills and expertise?

I have bought and sold several companies, grew the state’s economy when serving in cabinet, helped companies make millions of dollars, completed a PhD in supply chain and logistics, and have over 10 years of executive level experience. This knowledge base is perfect for helping executives, mentoring leaders, and growing companies. 


What excites you the most about the opportunity to work with our team and support our clients in achieving their goals?

The amazing team and mission, very focused on clients and putting their needs first, and after 20 years of mentoring professionals, I have determined that this has always been my favorite part of my career.



3 words…2 things…1 quote… GO!


What 3 words best describe you?

Happy, driven, bold. 


What are 2 of your favorite things you can’t live without?

My family and fruit.


What is 1 quote that you live by?

“Be brief, be bold, be gone.”

Let’s Have Some FUN!


What are the most interesting places you’ve ever lived or traveled to, and what did you learn from that experience?

Being deployed was amazing as serving as a soldier in hostile regions of the world taught me that people are all the same, we just eat different foods, speak different languages, and pray to different deities. Professionally, this has inspired me and helped me achieve my very best. As far as locations, I am also a dual national of Italy and love traveling back to Sicily; Latin America has always been special too!  


What do you enjoy most outside of work? 

Outside of work, I enjoy time with family, cooking, and reading.


Tell us about a skill or talent you have that might surprise us.

I speak four languages (English, French, Italian, and Spanish) and read three more (Portuguese, Catalan, and Sicilian)  


What’s the most interesting or unusual job you’ve ever had, and how did it shape your perspective on work and life?

Serving as a Human Intelligence Collector (Interrogator) in a deployed environment when I was 19 years old; it shaped my world view and continues to as human nature and intelligence work remain highly fascinating to me. 


Want to learn more about James’ journey to The Greenhouse? Watch his introductory video below.

James’ Introduction Video


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