Getting to Know Daryl Braham: The Newest Addition to The Greenhouse Team

There’s big growth happening at The Greenhouse. We’re thrilled to spotlight Daryl Braham, our newest coach, trainer and speaker extraordinaire. Daryl brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to our team, and we can’t wait for you to get to know him better.

First Encounters with The Greenhouse

Daryl’s journey with The Greenhouse began in late 2021, a year that turned out to be a pivotal moment in his career. He had read the book “Traction” years ago but felt that his company wasn’t quite ready to implement its principles. However, when he met with The Greenhouse team, he realized that the time was now, and their journey together officially kicked off in June 2022, as Daryl’s previous company became a client of The Greenhouse.

For Daryl, the implementation of EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) was not just a business strategy but a calling. It influenced his career decisions and ultimately led him to The Greenhouse team. The alignment between The Greenhouse’s vision for global growth and Daryl’s personal goals made it a perfect fit.

Shared Mission and Values

What sets The Greenhouse apart from others in the industry, according to Daryl, is not just the EOS strength but also the support team, the structural backbone and the growth mindset. The company’s commitment to a bigger future aligns perfectly with Daryl’s own professional aspirations. He firmly believes that success should not be about personal gain but about positively impacting people’s lives, a value deeply embedded in The Greenhouse’s mission.

The Greenhouse’s Coaching Methodology and Approach

Daryl resonates with The Greenhouse’s coaching methodology, which emphasizes the importance of helping clients unlock their full potential. It aligns with his belief in teamwork and the exponential opportunities it can create. As someone who started his own coaching company nearly two decades ago, partnering with The Greenhouse offers the potential for exponential growth, a win-win situation for both parties.

Contributing to Growth and Success

Daryl envisions his role as a catalyst for exponential growth for The Greenhouse. By combining his skills and expertise with the team’s capabilities, he aims to help the company achieve its goals. He believes that working as a team can unlock opportunities that wouldn’t be possible otherwise, providing a path to growth that goes far beyond what he could achieve on his own.

Supporting Clients’ Goals

Daryl’s excitement about working with The Greenhouse team stems from the shared passion for helping clients achieve their goals. As he emphasizes, it’s all about the future, the exponential growth and the value-added approach for clients. Daryl’s Unique Ability (UA), which is to positively impact people’s lives, perfectly aligns with The Greenhouse’s mission of growing businesses and people to the next stage.

A Glimpse into Daryl’s Life Outside of Work

Now, let’s delve into some fun questions to get to know Daryl on a more personal level:

Top Three Travel Experiences:

  • My dad was a Mountie (RCMP) in Canada, and when I was a kid we got transferred to a small village in northern Manitoba that had a total population of 800 people. You learn a lot when you are the son of a Mountie in a small little town. You certainly can’t hide anything that’s for sure, and I learned the power of discipline from this.

  • I once travelled to a town called Hyder, Alaska. I believe it has a population of less than 100, and it is known for it’s little bar. All the fisherman come through and get Hyder-ized, and put it this way, if you can stomach the drink they make, you too can say you were hyder-ized and get your name put on the wall, I made it! I learned the power of peer pressure and how to say no when it is the right thing to do!

  • I had the opportunity to be a candidate for president of the largest trade association in the world. It allowed me to visit 42 states in one year. I learned more than I can share here, but in a nutshell, it helped me realize how we are all the same, fighting the same challenges, wanting the same things. We might do it different, and have broad ways of seeing the world, but in the end, we are all overwhelmingly trying to succeed and be happy in life.

Three Words That Describe Daryl:

Enthusiastic, Believer & Futuristic

Daryl Can’t Live Without:

Family and True Friends.

Favorite Quote or Book:

“The Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon, emphasizes taking charge of your own life and enjoying the journey.

Passion Beyond Work:

Travel-it allows me to be totally present, and to live in the experience. I was taught by mentors much older and wiser than I many many years ago that experiences matter, things don’t, and as I have worked hard to live in that space, I have realized more and more that it is the experiences in life that you remember, never the things along the way.

Hidden Talent:

I’m a handyman. No one ever sees that in me. Plumbing, electrical, framing, building things. I love doing projects in down time, and when people see or hear this, they usually can’t believe it. I guess I look like an office guy, so being a plumber doesn’t seem to fit, but I love it!

Most Interesting or Unusual Job He’s Had:

For three summers in high school, I was a commercial fisherman in northern Manitoba. We would leave at 3 AM on Mondays and not get back until Saturday afternoons most weeks. As the newest guy in my first year, I basically had to do everything and had no idea how to really do anything. It made me realize, literally, that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and that whining about the hard work doesn’t make the hard work go away. You just have to lean into it and get it done. That has helped me ever since.

Innovative Idea:

Daryl dreams of inventing a filter that helps people cut through the noise and identify their most pressing questions, enabling more efficient problem-solving and personal growth.

My goal is to help others, and if I could invent a way to get people out of their own minds faster, we literally could change the world.

In closing, Daryl’s journey with The Greenhouse is just beginning, and he’s excited to be part of a dynamic team that shares his passion for growth and positive impact. His belief in teamwork and his commitment to helping others align perfectly with The Greenhouse’s mission and values. We look forward to the great things Daryl will accomplish with us in the future!

Want to learn more about Daryl’s journey to The Greenhouse? Listen to his introductory podcast or read his bio page linked below.

Daryl’s Journey to The Greenhouse Podcast

Daryl’s Bio Page

One of our Core Values at The Greenhouse is Community; building up and connecting our network. Please reach out and connect with Daryl!




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