Welcome to The Greenhouse Team, Bryn!

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming our very first intern, Brynnan “Bryn” Covington, into our organization. This summer she is going to help our team map out what exactly an internship looks like here at The Greenhouse; seeing as she is our very first one, after all. So far, we have determined that she’s going to integrate with all the ins and outs of our business day-to-day, which will include working side-by-side with everyone on our team with a focus on operations and marketing. Let me introduce you to the gem who found us while Googling “Business Coaching in Fargo, ND” all the way from Australia!


How We Met

That’s right, she’s a go-getter and found us with a quick Google search, 1000s of miles away!


Tell us how you started searching for opportunities and why you initially reached out to The Greenhouse?

I researched consulting organizations in the FM area, where I attained my BS two years ago. The Greenhouse was not only the top of that list but also aligned with a numerous amount of my beliefs, mindset and ideology that I have worked on since graduation. I knew the opportunity would be too massive to miss out on and I reached out with hopes to ignite that spark. Which, thankfully, my intuition was accurate, and this is where I needed to be right now on this chapter of life.


Why business consulting specifically? 

I have searched my purpose and meaning in this life numerous times starting my final semester of college. I discovered the answer will change throughout my life and the directions I choose to go. However, no matter the industry I work in or situation I am in at different stages, I have full capacity to make an impression in the ways I can in each environment. This for me has been attempting to be a light in others’ lives. I have always known I wanted to help others and using skills I have discovered I am most talented in I have found a few fields within the business realm that have piqued my interest and where I can see myself excelling. One of these fields is within consulting. I am in search of a particular lifestyle that steps out of the normal expectations of work-life balance. I am seeking to pursue consulting as an opportunity to create as much mass influence as possible that can touch on every industry and every environment.


Why did you head back to the FM area this summer?

I made the intention and plans to be involved in major family events this summer ,as well as utilizing my time to grow in this field.


Where She’s Been

Bryn is a Perham, MN native, however, has a passion for seeing the world!


Where are the top 3 places you’ve lived?

Being an individual who cannot stay in one place for too long, I have been fortunate enough to have experienced life in different areas for some short and longer durations.

1 – My first favorite place I’ve called home and somewhere I spent most of my time the last two years was on the West Coast of Australia. Located south and right on the Indian Ocean, Perth, Western Australia. Life in Perth has the perfect mix of plenty to do if you choose, but the relaxed aspect you can imagine life to have that close to pristine ocean water and numerous white sandy beaches. I found my people here and loved all the city life had to offer along with the natural aspect of escaping to the outback when needed, with only a 15-minute drive.

2 – My second would have to be the Islands of Hawaii. Life here was short-lived ,but the experience will have an impression on me forever. Between the beautiful natural aspects of the jungle life, to the magical culture of the natives. We are truly a fortunate country to be able to call these islands a part of us.

3 – My third and always treasured place of residence is New York. Specifically, long Island and Manhattan, where I spent the most of my time the summer I lived there. The city life has a euphoric presence when you are within its borders. The diverse life in every corner is always bustling and has the power to humble an individual living there. Summer on Long Island is a must have experience that only can be described as straight from a movie.

The stories I carry from all these experiences are ones I will be able to carry throughout life and have only happened within the last two years.


3 words…2 things…1 quote… GO!


What 3 words best describe you?

Enlightened, wanderer, passionate


What are 2 of your favorite things you can’t live without?

I have at times had to live without everything that has been considered a normal part of my everyday life. Through these experiences I would say I could not live without my 5 senses, the ability to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste. Another major importance to me is my family and the lifelong connection we will endure. Although, I can live without being directly within each other’s day to day lives, I could not live without their presence in my life and the memories we have left to share.


What is 1 quote that you live by?

One quote to me that has always played meaning upon reflection of what I’ve endured and offers a continuous reminder to me on what I look forward to is: “Your dreams aren’t big enough unless they scare you.” As well as an old classic family saying: “As they say in the old country, here goes nothing.”


Let’s Have Some FUN!


You’re starting a podcast, what are you naming it and what are you talking about?

If or when… I am starting a podcast, it would most likely be named “Life Wanderer.” It would be about my experiences in life, the philosophy I have learned along the way, the lessons I gain from places across the world and the majority beliefs towards the way to live life.


You can invite any 3 people, alive or dead, to a dinner party. Who is coming and why?

For me, I find power in influential people throughout time. Those who have either stood up in the face of injustice or used their abilities regardless of what was popular at the time. Those who decided to be a bold style of different against all the normalcy, that is what I truly believe in. These people to me are Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa.


What do you enjoy most outside of work? 

Outside of work, I am working on myself, whether it be intentional resetting, educating myself in my areas of personal growth and interests, staying active and nurturing relationships with those in my circle and those I look to include in my circle. As well as just simply enjoying each moment and embracing every minute I am present and alive.


Any other fun facts you’d like to share!?

A fun fact about me is that I completed all my school and higher education years competing in distance running. Running long distance remains an outlet for me to this day, with less of a competitive aspect. Another fun fact is that recently I have explored the world of yoga and attained a 200hr certificate to instruct classes, which I have been able to do in 3 countries now!

One of our Core Values at The Greenhouse is Community; building up and connecting our network. Please reach out and connect with Bryn!



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