Business taxes are not the most glamorous. Staying ahead of your business financials in most cases requires a trusted team of experts, however, they may not always know where to look for incentives. Let’s dive into three ways you can maximize your benefits and take advantage of incentives.

Maximizing Benefits and Tax Incentives for Companies  

Written By: Dr. James Leiman

For businesses just like yours, navigating the complexities of tax and financial incentives can be challenging. However, with proper planning and strategies, you can maximize their benefits and incentives, leading to substantial cost savings and improved financial health. Here are some strategies to maximize benefits, tax incentives and financial incentives for your company.


1. Understand the Available Incentives:

    • It is essential to have a thorough understanding of the available tax and financial incentives in your jurisdiction. These can include tax credits, grants, low-interest loans, and other financial incentives offered by federal, state or local governments.

2. Plan Ahead:

    • Many incentives require businesses to meet specific criteria or undertake certain activities, such as investing in research and development or creating new jobs. Therefore, it is essential that you plan ahead and align your business activities with the available incentives.

3. Document Thoroughly:

    • Maintain thorough documentation of all activities related to the incentives, such as investment in new equipment, hiring of new employees or spending on research and development. This will be crucial when applying for incentives or in case of an audit.

How I Utilized Incentives as Commissioner of Commerce

While serving as the Commissioner at the North Dakota Department of Commerce, I led the agency in recruiting and developing $40 billion in projects for the state, accelerating its transformation into the next-generation economy. This involved understanding and leveraging various tax and financial incentives available to businesses, planning ahead, maintaining thorough documentation and ensuring compliance with all requirements. This also required an aggressive and robust use of incentives.

Let Us Help Find Financial Incentives For You

No one in the business knows how to find you the local, state and federal incentives that you deserve. You made a big investment and it is time to realize its full potential through a free consultation. Tens of billions flowed into the region as a result of this practice and more is available for your company today.

Maximizing benefits, tax incentives and financial incentives is crucial for the financial health of your company. By understanding the available incentives, leveraging expertise, planning ahead, documenting thoroughly and monitoring and complying with all requirements, you can maximize the benefits and incentives available to your organization.

About James

Dr. James Leiman is a transformative leader, a proud Army veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and a former cabinet leader in government. With over 20 years of leadership experience, James brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. During his four-year tenure at the North Dakota Department of Commerce, he demonstrated exceptional prowess, leading the state to attract over $40 billion in global investment—a staggering achievement considering North Dakota’s economy is only $63 billion. James is committed to driving transformative initiatives, and under his guidance, North Dakota deployed the nation’s fastest clean energy transformation on its path to becoming the first carbon-neutral U.S. State by 2030. Read more about James HERE.



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