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Hannah Bettenhausen

Fractional Integrator/COO

Hannah Bettenhausen has spent much of her almost two-decade career in the management field. From management in retail, to leading a team of cold calling car sales reps, to acting as COO in the real estate world, Hannah has numerous years of experience in leading companies to success.

Hannah’s passions include helping companies get off the ground, creating and implementing processes for growth and profitability, and developing leaders at every level. After years of experience as an Integrator and time spent acting as a Visionary, Hannah finds joy in helping Visionaries and Integrators bridge the gap in communication.

Hannah cherishes spending time with her husband and two children, reading anything she can get her hands on, traveling and getting crafty.


  • Fractional Integrator/COO
  • Process Improvement & Development
  • Leadership Development

Service Area:

  • Eastern ND & SD, Northern MN
  • National Virtual Options Also

My Big WHY:

My passion is making substantial and lasting improvements in our clients’ lives so they can grow businesses that extraordinary people want to work for, anchored in mentorship, accountability and mutual respect.

Being introduced to the task of putting together our new building and developing company Mission Homes, Hannah was a huge resource and guiding light. With her understanding of operations, business structure, personal development and a go-getter attitude, she was a major help as Integrator. With her help, it allowed myself and our team to do over 10 million dollars in new construction in our first year.

Gabe Ridgeway

Mission Homes