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Growing4Success powered by The Greenhouse is a podcast that connects and unites success-driven individuals from all industries to learn about hard business topics through expert experience and true authenticity. The best part: each individual episode of Growing4Success is hosted by our experts in their respective fields as they give you the tips, tools and fuel you need for success in less than 15 minutes. New episodes drop every Tuesday and Friday.

The Growing4Success Podcast


Welcome to the Growing4Success Podcast powered by The Greenhouse where we talk all things growth, business & people focused. The ultimate self-transformation and self-development podcast for Entrepreneurs, Executives and Leaders.

Our hosts include:

Patrick Metzger, Founder/CEO of The Greenhouse

Dr. James Leiman, Partner/Director of Strategic Growth

Preston Braathen, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Allison Weckman, Director of Operations

Mackenzie Brimm, Marketing & Content Strategist

Daryl Braham, Speaker/Coach/Trainer


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