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Welcome to our Growing4Success business tools and resources page—the place where potential meets practice. We’re delighted to offer you an exclusive collection of free coaching tools and resources, expertly designed to empower business owners and leaders like yourself.

With these at your fingertips, you’ll navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship with clarity and confidence. Dive into our free reports, ebooks, checklists, articles and insights that promise to grow your levels of performance and productivity in your business journey to the next stage.

Be sure to check back in on this page, as we’re always adding more resources!


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The Greenhouse Offerings

See the exact offerings we have at The Greenhouse to help grow your business and people to the next stage.

Image of the EOS Organizational Checkup Report

EOS® Organizational Checkup®

How strong is your organization? Measure the strength of your company with the Organizational Checkup.

Image of a clipboard with the EOS Toolbox on it

EOS® Toolbox Download

Strengthen the Six Key Components™ of your business by downloading the free EOS toolbox and resources.

Checklist of questions for a business owner

Self-Check Questionnaire

Identify areas of growth and improvement for your business by taking this owner self-check questionnaire.

Image of the cover of the Productize ebook

Productize eBook

Discover this 8-step approach to productizing a service and why most attempts by owners to productize fail the first time.

Husband and wife in business attire

I Am Driven Podcast

Listen to great entrepreneurial spousal lessons from CEO Patrick and his wife, Carissa Metzger.

book named Driven by Doug Brackmann

Driven Assessment

Are you a Driven in the unique 10%? Take the assessment to identify the traits behind your drive.

Book cover with four graph bars and business people sitting on each

4 Degrees of Delegation eBook

Learn to delegate more effectively to get your company running without you as the owner.

book with a buddha statue on the cover

Monkey Mind eBook

Learn to navigate the emotional highs and lows of entrepreneurship and building a successful business.

Book cover with donuts

Definitive Guide to SOPs eBook

Learn keys behind greater organization and defining your company’s secret sauce behind effective processes.

Book cover titled Famous or Rich

Famous or Rich eBook

Discover 9 ways business owners that are also value builders prioritize wealth over recognition…and why.

blue book cover that says 8 ways to reinvent yourself in a crisis

8 Ways to Reinvent Yourself eBook

Real stories of owners who invested in change to emerge from a crisis with a better and more valuable company.

blue book cover with a man in a suit jumping off a bar graph

The Rainmaker's Dilemma eBook

Avoid the downhill trap of becoming the Rainmaker and make the transition to Architect of your business.

book cover with hopscotch on the ground

The Owner's Metric eBook

The largest asset you have as a business owner is your company. Learn the fastest way to build wealth and be free.

Book cover titled Famous or Rich

The Yes Box eBook

Discover how to reinvigorate and expand your business at a time when others prioritize survival and preservation.

book cover with 4 levers titled the 8 key drivers of company value

8 Key Drivers of Company Value eBook

Your business is your greatest investment. Explore in detail the eight key factors that drive business value.  


Image of the Value Builder Report

Value Builder Report

See where your company scores in the 8 key drivers of value and get your estimated value.

Image of PREScore with score gauge

PREScore™ Report

Are you personally ready to exit your business without regret? Get your free PREScore™ report and score.

Image of Freedom Score and a calculator

Freedom Score

Receive your Freedom Score Report, a comprehensive analysis of your financial readiness to enter your next phase.

Cover image of the Exit Checklist ebook

Exit Checklist eBook

Ready for a happy and lucrative exit? Discover in this ebook the five steps needed to answer the question, Am I ready to exit?

book cover for the overlooked owner that has two heads on it

The Overlooked Owner eBook

This resource dives into an often-omitted factor when assessing the value of your company—you, the business owner.

book cover for a book called Endgame that has a picture of a field with a trail through it

Endgame eBook

Create a clear roadmap with this guide for the optimal time to decide to sell your business.

a book cover with a business owner sitting in front of a lake

The Freedom Point eBook

This eBook will help you calculate your Freedom Point, which is when work becomes a choice, not a necessity.

10-part checklist for business transition

Are You Ready Checklist

See if you’re truly ready for transition with this checklist from the Exit Planning Institute.

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