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Ben Murphy

Recruiting & Talent

A sport enthusiast, athlete and former collegiate football coach, Ben Murphy took his passion for leadership, competition and performance and brought it into the world of talent acquisition and hiring.

With over 15 years of experience in sales and recruiting, Ben is the point man for providing bulletproof solutions in helping your business better identify, attract, hire, engage and retain top talent throughout your organization.

A true visionary and innovator, Ben consults and leads training sessions on recruiting and team development with all types of businesses, from Fortune 100 companies to smaller organizations around the country.


  • Talent Acquisition & Engagement
  • Recruiting Pipeline

Service Area:

  • National

My Big WHY:

I love to strategically align companies with a successful process to help them win in attracting and retain talent. Hiring can be a huge headache and it is great to help people avoid those challenges!

Having that partnership of somebody that I can rely on to know our culture and who we’re looking for is extremely important so the learning curve has been minimal, but I think the biggest thing is that trust, and it truly is a partnership.

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