About Us

Not finance. Not strategy. Not technology. It is teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage, both because it is so powerful and so rare.

                                                                           – Patrick Lencioni



We connect like-minded organizations, teams and individuals that believe there is no finish line when it comes to growth.

Greater Good

We do the right thing for the success of all because growth is about more than us as individuals.

Authentic Humility

We listen to understand, own our mistakes and don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Grow or Die

We evolve with a growth mindset and never stop learning in order to challenge the status quo.

True Execution

We do what we say and take extreme ownership in always being strategic and dependable.


Patrick Metzger

Patrick Metzger

CEO/Founder & Coach/Consultant

James Leiman

James Leiman

Partner & Coach/Consultant

Aimee Smith

Aimee Smith

Operations Manager & Client Liaison

Carissa Metzger

Carissa Metzger

Champion Wife of Operations

Kawar Farok

Kawar Farok

Director of Business Development

Ready to grow to the next stage?


Our proven process is a holistic journey for organizations. Beginning with the end in mind for your business, we perform a comprehensive analysis, identifying core business issues and setting intentional goals for the next stage, as well as in alignment with long-term goals.

Establishing collaborative standards, we seamlessly onboard and engage in transformative work for your business and its people. In emphasizing not only the long-term growth plan but also solving shorter-range issues, we track progress, actively engage and nurture growth.

As solutions take effect, we pivot to the next challenge, ensuring perpetual business advancement and attaining new levels of success as we grow you to the next stage.

1. DIG

Discovery – Intentionality – Goals

In the first step of our proven process, we dive deep to identify key, core issues in your business and set strong intentionality around the goals and solutions needed to be successful and take you to the next stage.

2. SOW

Standards – Onboarding – Work

We commence by establishing collaborative standards, followed by a seamless onboarding process. Once aligned, we dive into transformative work, tailoring strategies to elevate your business and people.


Track – Engage – Nurture – DIG

In our third step, we track, actively engage and nurture your company growth. After implementing solutions, we pivot to the next challenge, ensuring sustained business advancement and next levels of success.