3 Stages of Growth

Business Growth Consultants

Within various areas of business expertise, The Greenhouse has collectively worked with hundreds of companies across multiple industries in helping everyone from solopreneurs to billion dollar companies achieve their goals.

As you know, execution is all that matters, and The Greenhouse is ready to help YOU breakthrough to that next stage.

Foundation Building with the Greenhouse

Getting Started &
Building a Foundation

  • I’m looking at starting a business or have started already and am not quite sure on next steps.
  • I need help with getting initial building blocks for success in my business set in place.
  • I’ve already launched my business and am at approximately $1M or less in revenue.

Growing & Scaling
My Business

  • I’m an established business over $1M in revenue, but I’ve hit that ceiling and can’t breakthrough.
  • I can’t quite get the traction and progress I’m looking for in my current business.
  • I’m ready to scale and grow but need better clarity, alignment and efficiencies.
Photo of Patrick working with clients

Looking Ahead to
Exit & Succession

  • I’m looking at developing a plan for effectively exiting my business in the next few years.
  • I need to increase the value of my business as I prepare for a possible exit, sale, franchising, etc.
  • I might be ready for a change and want to leave my business in great shape.